We have power again!

8/10/2020 As we opened up this morning we discovered our telephone system automated attendant is not working. You may encounter a busy signal. We are doing our best to both call patients to reschedule and answer the large number of calls coming in. Please be patient with us as we work through this issue.

8/8/2020 The power came back on for us around 12:45 this afternoon. We are pleased to report we will be opening for business Monday morning. We are expecting our phones to be very busy. We will call everyone who missed their appointment to reschedule. Please allow us time to regroup and call you.

8/8/2020 We still are without power. We have nothing new to report. We have heard there are Eversource trucks in Storrs. We are hopeful for a Monday reopening.

8/6/2020 Currently our office has still no power due to the the storm. Like many of our patients, we have not received any prospective date or time for restoration of power. Without electricity we cannot ensure a safe and clean practice and must remain closed.
We all understand the inconvenience this can be for you and your family. As soon as power is restored we will contact any patients that had scheduled appointments.
You may receive calls or messages confirming your appointment. Please continue to check this page for the most up-to-date information. Once power is restored we will be posting immediately.

8/5/2020 Mansfield Family Practice is closed. We have lost power due to the storm. Please check our website for updates. As soon as the power is restored we will re-open.

We all hope you are staying safe and healthy!