Patient Portal

If you are a patient and would like to get your invitation email please call (860) 487-0002 to have it sent to you.

If you can access a web browser, then you will be able to access our new patient portal!

  • Send a message to our office
  • Request an appointment
  • Request a medication refill
  • Send a file to your patient chart
  • View your lab results

And Much More!

With a secure login, patients can access real-time information and services that enable them to actively participate in their care. All information communicated through the portal can be saved directly within our Electronic Health Record. This patient portal is only for patients of Mansfield Family Practice. We reserve the right to limit access to the patient portal to active patients of Mansfield Family Practice. Your medical record is still available by request by contacting our office at (860) 487-0002.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Is my information secure?
A. Yes. Safeguarding your information is a priority for us. To ensure the security of your personal information, we use industry standard encryption to prevent unauthorized access to data.

Q. What browser can I use to access the website?
A. Nearly all browsers can be used. We have found the most success with Chrome and Safari

Q. Can I access the site from my mobile device?
A. The portal is optimized for use on a tablet or mobile device. Simply access it through the browser on your device.

**If you are receiving an error such as “The Requested URL Was Rejected. Please Consult With Your Administrator” Click here for some additional information